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  1. Setting up a committee comprised of HRDs in several sub-regions of Uganda that will engage with Authorities in protecting and promoting human rights
  2. Convening meetings to engage key stakeholders on the need to protect Grassroots Defenders
  3. To collaborate with District NGO Monitoring Committees (DNMCs) and other stakeholders in ensuring Civic Space for Grassroots Defenders
  4. Setting up a legal clinic with Lawyers to provide legal assistance to Grassroots Human Rights Defenders in case of attacks
  5. Organize meetings to review the Laws that have an impact on Civic Space for grassroots
  6. To establish protection networks at the District to support grassroots HRDs at the District level
  7. Organizing Networking meetings with other civil society organizations to exchange best practices and share expertise in promoting and protecting civic space for Grassroots Defenders
  8. Implement Media Campaigns that will promote awareness and understanding of the Civic Space and promote and protect fundamental freedoms, particularly the rights to peaceful assembly, freedom of expression and freedom of association
  9. Mobilizing resources in support of grassroots Defenders
  10. Implementing a Training Programme to build the capacities of Grassroots HRDs. The training program will involve the following Workshops
  11. Workshop on the understanding of Legal, Policy and Institutional Framework for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights of grassroots HRDs
  12. Workshop on Personal, physical and digital security management by grassroots HRDs
  13. Workshop on Advocacy and Networking Strategies for grassroots Human Rights Defenders
  14. Workshop on grassroots HRDs engagement with national, regional and international human rights mechanisms
  15. Implement several actions to commemorate national and International day’s that have an impact on the work of grassroots defenders like HRDs day and Human Rights Day on 9th and 10 December respectively.
  16. Raising awareness on the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders and Universal Declaration of Human Rights as key international instruments that have an impact on the work of grassroots defenders
  17. Implement activities that strengthen the institutional capacity of GRADENET to effectively implement its mandate

What is Grassroots Defender's Network?

Grassroots Defenders Network (GRADENET) is an association of Human Rights Defenders comprised of individuals, groups, and organizations working in grassroots communities of Uganda.

At GRADENET, we strive for the realization of human rights according to the Ugandan Constitution of 1995 and other national, regional and international Human Rights Mechanisms that allow citizens the Freedom to Assemble, Associate and Express themselves in the defense of civil liberties and freedoms.

GRADENET members are Human Rights Defenders working at the grassroots. GRADENET membership is open to all grassroots Human Rights Defenders and Activists regardless of sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, and economic status.

Our members include countless individuals, lawyers, women activists, community leaders, journalists, media producers, unionists and environmentalists and organizations who strive to reclaim rights and advocate for the promotion of freedoms, educating and raising awareness of situations and holding governments to account for their actions.

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Our Address


Grassroots Defenders Network (GRADENET)
Plot 67 Kakyeka, Mbarara Bushenyi Road, Mbarara Uganda
P. O. Box 354 Mbarara Uganda
Tel +256 787 251180
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Central Uganda
Plot 4, Ssebaduka House, Masaka Uganda

Eastern Uganda
Development House
Plot 70, Jinja-Iganga Road
Jinja (Uganda)

Northern Uganda
Alina House
Plot 23, Gulu-Pader Road
Gulu (Uganda)