Our Core Values
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  1. Professionalism: GRADENET is a learning Network that will listen to grassroots defenders, be flexible, be responsive to the external and internal environment, and ensure that interventions effectively reach defenders in a timely and valuable way
  2. Integrity: GRADENET will conform with what they say and to ethical behavior and generally accepted standards of effectiveness. GRADENET will responsibly utilize available resources, according to what it plans and claims to deliver and openly share the information with relevant key stakeholders
  3. Commitment: GRADENET will invest time and resources in seeking to support and empower grassroots defenders
  4. Respect: In all its endeavors, GRADENET will value human life and dignity of all without discrimination.
  5. Love and concern for others: This will be a guiding principle for implementation of GRADENET Programmes.
  6. Stewardship: Resources entrusted with GRADENET for serving Grassroots Defenders will be managed prudently to benefit all and avoid waste and duplication.
  7. Impartiality: GRADENET will strive to work with all Grassroots Defenders in its focus areas without regardless of sex, gender, race, sex orientation and economic status.
  8. Empathy: GRADENET will try as much as possible to empathize with the communities it serves as part of genuine support and solidarity.
  9. Transparency: GRADENET will emphasize openness, communication, and accountability.

What is Grassroots Defender's Network?

Grassroots Defenders Network (GRADENET) is an association of Human Rights Defenders comprised of individuals, groups, and organizations working in grassroots communities of Uganda.

At GRADENET, we strive for the realization of human rights according to the Ugandan Constitution of 1995 and other national, regional and international Human Rights Mechanisms that allow citizens the Freedom to Assemble, Associate and Express themselves in the defense of civil liberties and freedoms.

GRADENET members are Human Rights Defenders working at the grassroots. GRADENET membership is open to all grassroots Human Rights Defenders and Activists regardless of sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, and economic status.

Our members include countless individuals, lawyers, women activists, community leaders, journalists, media producers, unionists and environmentalists and organizations who strive to reclaim rights and advocate for the promotion of freedoms, educating and raising awareness of situations and holding governments to account for their actions.

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Our Address


Grassroots Defenders Network (GRADENET)
Plot 67 Kakyeka, Mbarara Bushenyi Road, Mbarara Uganda
P. O. Box 354 Mbarara Uganda
Tel +256 787 251180
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website www.gradenet.org


Central Uganda
Plot 4, Ssebaduka House, Masaka Uganda

Eastern Uganda
Development House
Plot 70, Jinja-Iganga Road
Jinja (Uganda)

Northern Uganda
Alina House
Plot 23, Gulu-Pader Road
Gulu (Uganda)